Lauren Book Appears on HuffPost Live

Lauren in the HuffPost Live Studio

Founder and CEO of the Lauren’s Kids foundation, Lauren Book, last week appeared on HuffPost Live, to discuss “teaching kids about the importance of speaking up [about child sexual abuse].”

“I think the most important thing we can do is educate our children in a safe, developmentally appropriate way,” Book said. “We have a pre-K through grade-12 curriculum in Florida that the Lauren’s Kids Foundation has rolled out in schools throughout the state talking about our private parts. I have private parts, you have private parts, even the president of the United States has private parts. But it’s not okay for anybody to look at or touch your private parts unless you’re hurt or you need help and you ask your mom or your dad, or you’re at the doctor — and who’s with you when you’re at the doctor? Your mom or your dad. Those are your special grown-up buddies.”

The Lauren’s Kids foundation’s 1,500 mile “Walk in My Shoes” trek from Key West to Tallahassee to spread awareness about child sexual abuse and prevention began Saturday, March 14 at the southernmost point in Key West. For more information and to sign up, visit