AshBritt & Lauren’s Kids Trauma Therapy House

When Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida Panhandle in October 2018, the Category 5 storm destroyed everything in its path – homes, livelihoods, and the Trauma Therapy House at the Gulf Coast Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC), which provides trauma informed counseling, specialized therapy, and support for victims of child sexual abuse and their families.

Since that time, Lauren – a longtime friend of the Gulf Coast CAC – has committed herself to rebuilding the Trauma Therapy House to provide a safe place for healing, reminding young survivors that strength and resilience can be found even after the darkest of storms. Whether facing a powerful natural disaster of the storm of sexual abuse and trauma, there is hope for healing and recovery.

Thanks to friends and partners AshBritt Environmental, an $800,000+ rebuild of the AshBritt & Lauren’s Kids Trauma Therapy House at the Gulf Coast Children’s Advocacy Center is now complete!



Watch the “Journey Home” television special below, focused on the resilience of survivors and showcasing the renovation and recovery efforts to provide a safe space for survivors.

This program was broadcast across the State of Florida in April 2021 during National Sexual Assault Awareness Month & National Child Abuse Prevention Month.


About AshBritt

Lauren’s Kids has partnered with disaster response company AshBritt Environmental to completely renovate and rebuild the Gulf Coast CAC Trauma Therapy House, with the AshBritt Foundation contributing more than $700,000 toward the project’s completion. Following AshBritt’s removal of debris from Hurricane Michael, Randy Perkins – Founder of AshBritt Environmental, Chair of the AshBritt Foundation, and Lauren’s Kids Board Member – along with AshBritt CEO Brittany Perkins-Castillo – an attorney who has worked with CACs throughout her career – vowed to join Lauren in her quest to rebuild. The AshBritt Foundation has previously partnered with and supported Lauren’s Kids in remodeling CACs and sexual assault treatment centers throughout the state of Florida. This total rebuild is the partners’ largest renovation yet.