Introducing…NEW Safer, Smarter Kids Safety Songs and Music Videos!

Lauren’s Kids is excited to kick off 2024 with NEW Safer, Smarter Kids safety songs and music videos!

Safer, Smarter Kids has been the nation’s leading personal safety curriculum for more than a decade, arming elementary school students, educators, and parents/caregivers with evidence-based lessons and skills to help prevent abuse and exploitation – including EMMY Award-winning video content to teach personal safety from a place of fun, not fear!

Now, Lauren’s Kids is excited to share our NEW Safer, Smarter Kids safety songs and videos are designed to help teach elementary school-aged children personal safety from a place of fun and not fear! 

Check out our new videos! 

We know that 95% of childhood sexual abuse CAN be prevented with education and awareness – and together, we can help kids learn how to stay safe by..

⭐ Listening to their Guiding Voice and using their TFA tool to first Think about how a situation makes them Feel, and then decide how to safely Act .

✏️ Using their PLAN tool to ask Permission to go to a Location to do a specific Activity, and provide the Names and Numbers of the adults in charge.

And by remembering that they have the power to use their voice to get help from a trusted adult in any situation where they feel unsafe or icky, from a fight with a friend, to a bad dream, or a touch that doesn’t feel quite right. 

Lauren’s Kids is on a mission to create a safer world by providing families with tips, tools, and strategies to help their children identify and avoid unsafe situations, people, and behaviors – and learn how to access help when needed. 

Check out our new videos on the Safer, Smarter Kids YouTube channel – a great resource full of kid-appropriate and parent-approved videos for elementary school students, helping children develop skills to stay safe as their world expands. Like what you see? Visit for more safety tips, tools, lessons, and activities for families to use with children and teens of all ages. 

Have an educator in your life who may be interested in Lauren’s Kids curriculum in their classroom? The Safer, Smarter Kids curriculum teaches kids about personal safety through fun, not fear, and meets existing educational benchmarks in social studies, reading/language arts, health, Erin’s Law requirements, and more! 

Together, we’re creating a new generation of Safer, Smarter Kids!