What Can I Do to Help Raise Awareness for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Miami?

Lauren’s Kids seeks to educate and advocate for children who have fallen victim to abuse and to stand up for a child who may not be able to speak up for themselves. Many people in Miami are looking for ways to support the cause and one of the best ways is through the Lauren’s Kids specialty license plate. The Lauren’s Kids “Love and Healing” Specialty License Plate was first implemented in the summer of 2013 and since then has raised thousands for child abuse education and awareness. The proceeds from the $25 annual fee go directly towards helping Lauren’s Kids establish valuable education programs which help ward off abuse. Each case of abuse is unique, but with proper training it is possible to recognize the warning signs.

Lauren’s Kids was founded by Lauren Book, a survivor of abuse who started the organization to share her story and help prevent others from experiencing similar trauma. Lauren’s Kids is committed to shining a light through the darkness and ending the stigmas and shame which accompany abuse. The Love and Healing license plate is a wonderful way to support the cause and raise awareness for such a valuable organization.

Each case of child abuse is a unique situation and it’s important to teach children the warning signs so they can communicate their problems to trusted adults. Abuse is often confusing and demeaning and many children do not know that it’s okay to speak up when they feel uncomfortable in a certain situation or around a certain person. The educational tools implemented by Lauren’s Kids are designed to establish valuable skills in every young person so they understand what to do should they be confronted with abuse.

When Florida Governor Rick Scott approved the specialty plate upon signing HB 7125 into law, he took an important step in prevention which we all need to follow. Healing is not easy, but with your support, survivors and their families can have access to valuable resources for prevention and education which can keep children safe in the future and help those not only heal into survivors, but thrivers. It’s not easy to talk about child abuse, but the more open we are with our communication and awareness, the more we can accomplish to end abuse once and for all. Education is a priority at Lauren’s Kids and proceeds from the specialty license plates are instrumental in helping those education programs flourish in schools across the state. Visit https://laurens.wpengine.com/plates to redeem your voucher and purchase your Love and Healing plate. Every new plate on the road is another person committed to doing their part to stop abuse and help survivors rediscover happiness in life.