Vero Beach Walk: In Honor of Scott Terry

Scott Terry

Scott Christopher Terry, aka “Scotty”, was born on March 15, 1975 in Long Beach Island, NY.  Scotty enjoyed and participated in any sport or adventure that involved the ocean or inland body of water.  

At the age of 12, Scotty moved with his family to Vero Beach, Florida, a coastal Florida community were Scotty was able to flourish with his water sports including Surfing, Wakeboarding, Beach, Inshore and Offshore Fishing.  

During his early teens Scotty fell victim, along with a large number of other local kids, to a predator. Due to his state of mind and victimization he turned to narcotics and alcohol in an attempt to ease the pain and mental anguish. 

After of number of critical incidents, Scotty had come to the realization that he had to take his life back.  With Family and Friends by his side, Scotty battled back and began a quest to prove a case against the predator who had stolen his childhood.  6 long years later the predator was arrested and ultimately sentenced to life in prison; largely in part from the extensive background work and conclusive testimony provided by Scotty. 

Due to his hardships and battles, Scotty became heavily involved with Laurens Kids, a 501(C)3 organization which assists children who fall victim to sexual abuse.   

During his venture, Scotty remained sober and found solace in fishing.  Through his fishing ventures Scotty made contact with a local artist and was instrumental in the development, marketing and success of Ofishulz Artwork.  Due to his energetic and infectious personality, Scotty quickly became sought after as a representative for a number of Fishing Accessory Manufacturers including HooRag, Tacklewebs and even jumped business borders representing Titos Handmade Vodka. 

Scotty had found his place, his existence of sorts.  He was a professional and often worked tedious hours to help those he represented to success.  Scotty had found a way to turn his life’s negatives into positives.  Scotty was inspiring and lived life to its fullest, making sure he never left anything unsaid or undone. 

On February 24, 2014 Scotty was involved in a fatal traffic crash.  He left a footprint in every life he touched and for that will never be forgotten.  


While cleaning his room, his close friends found a saying pinned to his board that summed him all up.

“Your wealth is where your friends are”


Honoring Scotty at the start of our walk this morning