Stay Hydrated During the Annual Walk in My Shoes Event

The annual Walk in My Shoes event is right around the corner and in order for everyone to have a fun and safe time, it’s vital to remember the importance of hydration. Walking 30 miles can be grueling, but not when you take the proper steps to ensure you’re well hydrated and ready to raise awareness for child abuse prevention from the beaches of the Keys all the way to the steps of the state capitol in Tallahassee. You can learn more about the Walk in My Shoes event by visiting the page on the Lauren’s Kids website and register to walk as an individual or as a group. The sixth annual 1,500 mile walk is one of the best events all year in raising awareness and educating the community on how we can prevent child abuse. Lauren Book, a survivor herself and founder of Lauren’s Kids, may prefer to have a Diet Coke when she laces up her walking shoes, but here are some tips on staying hydrated before, during and after the walk!


  • Many think that hydration starts when the event starts, but that’s not true at all. Ensuring you’re properly hydrated BEFORE the walk is key in staying strong while you walk for the cause. While drinking cool, refreshing water is ideal, a lot of the water in our bodies is gained through eating as well as drinking. Fruits and vegetables have high water content, so do dairy products like yogurt and milk. Making sure you eat a balanced breakfast will give you the energy you need to make a difference when it comes to raising awareness and helping survivors of abuse with the healing process.


  • When it comes to hydration during the walk, avoid drinking a lot of water at one time as that can lead to cramping. Ingesting smaller amounts more frequently allows your body a steady stream of hydration which will keep you going the whole day. If you feel yourself sweating a lot or are feeling overheated or weak, that could be a sign of dehydration and should be addressed immediately with some water and a break. It’s important to listen to your body and understand when it’s in need.


  • Hydration doesn’t stop when the walk does. Post-exercise hydration is crucially important in staying health and safe. Rehydrating with sports drinks and juice are a great idea along with water because they can replenish the electrolytes and sodium lost when we sweat. Fruits like oranges and bananas are excellent post-exercise snacks because they are rich with nutrients which aid recovery and rehydration.

The enthusiasm of those involved is what makes Walk in My Shoes such an influential and life-altering event. Knowing you’re not alone in the fight against child sexual abuse can go a long way in the healing process so find support with Lauren’s Kids today. Sign up for the walk or learn more by visiting when you get a chance. Hope to see you there!