Statement by Lauren Book on the Conviction of Former Penn State President Graham Spanier

Statement by Lauren’s Kids Founder and CEO, Lauren Book, on the conviction of former Penn State President Graham Spanier – who knowingly failed to report suspected abuse of boys on PSU campus at the hands of Jerry Sandusky:

“There is no grey area when it comes to failure to report suspected child abuse. If you see something, hear of something, suspect something — it is your moral, and legal, obligation to make a report. Spanier alleges he heard Jerry Sandusky was committing “horseplay” in the showers with young boys. This is clearly not only inappropriate, but dangerous behavior, at BEST, and abuse at worst. I am disappointed and frankly nauseated by his misdemeanor sentencing today, but take heart in the fact that we now have laws in place to punish those who knowingly and willingly fail to report suspicions such as this. There was so much smoke, they had to smell it and know there was a fire. They simply did not care.”