STATEMENT from child advocate Lauren Book on Penn State $2.4 million fine from Feds

Today the US Department of Education charged Penn State a record $2.4 million fine for the institution’s failure to report crimes committed on campus by former Coach and convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky. Penn State’s choice to prioritize collegiate football over the protection of innocence of children effectively enabled one of the most horrific child predators in our country’s history.

As a result, here in Florida, Lauren’s Kids fought to designate each and every person a legally mandated reporter of suspected child abuse, with felony penalties for individual failure to report and a $1 million fine for colleges and universities.

While fines and penalties will not right the horrific wrongs committed against our children, the message is loud and clear: if you fail to use your voice to protect children, you WILL be held accountable.

What’s done in darkness will always come to light. And when it does, the law WILL catch up with those who have failed to protect children.