Sources: South Africa

  • “Every three minutes a child in South Africa is raped. (A figure I learned while conducting victim sensitivity training with the Cape Town police force.)”
    • Source: learned during Police training, stat can also be found online through Matla A Bana, a national South African child abuse prevention organization:
  • “Child sexual abuse is an issue shrouded in secrecy, an intimate and sinister crime that silences victims – an estimated 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys…”
  • “emboldens predators – who will offend against an average of 117 children in their lives* – with each new offense. “
  • “95% of child sexual abuse is preventable though education and awareness”

    Source: Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute The Child Molestation Prevention Plan. (n.d.). Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute. Retrieved from