Songs for the Final Mile in the Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse

The mission of Lauren’s Kids is simple; to prevent sexual abuse through education and awareness, and to help survivors heal with guidance and support. One of the best ways to raise awareness is through events like the annual Walk in My Shoes event coming in March. The walk is a 1,500 mile journey across the state of Florida to educate and inform people of how we can stop child sexual abuse from Miami to the Panhandle and everywhere in between. The 2015 walk will mark the sixth time Lauren Book and the advocates at Lauren’s Kids have made it to the steps of the state capitol to speak up for those who can’t fight for themselves. Lauren and her participants know the trek isn’t easy, but neither is standing up for victims of abuse. The walk is about finding the strength to continue moving forward just like survivors of child sexual abuse find the strength to heal and grow.

Lauren’s favorite thing to do is listen to music that inspires her to keep going, especially when it comes down to the final mile. Lauren’s playlist for this year’s walk is full of fun and inspirational songs that can help someone stay strong as they walk to prevent child sexual abuse.

Lauren’s playlist includes:

    • Roar – Katy Perry
    • I’m a Survivor – Destiny’s Child
    • Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson
    • Two Step – Dave Matthews
    • Run the World (Girls) – Beyoncé
    • Riptide – Vance Joy
    • Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
    • Robot Rock – Daft Punk
    • You and Me Together – Dave Matthews
    • The Scientist – Flux Pavillon
    • Animals – Martin Garrix
    • Ghost – Ella Henderson

Songs like Roar and I’m a Survivor echo the message of strength in the face of adversity that all survivors must find within themselves. These songs are meant to inspire someone to take the next step towards the finish line even when they’re having trouble finding the strength to do so. Songs like Uptown Funk and Robot Rock have an uplifting and fun beat so you’re more likely to dance the last mile than walk it!

The Walk in My Shoes event takes place this March so hurry up and register if you haven’t already. By visiting the Walk in My Shoes page on the Lauren’s Kids website, you can register yourself individually or as a group to help raise awareness and educate people on what they can do to help prevent child sexual abuse in Florida.