If you suspect or know a child is being abused, report it to the Florida Abuse Hotline immediately and urgently. By law, all Floridians must report any suspected or known abuse. Failure to report and making a false report are crimes. Read the Florida statutes for more information on reporting and on the penalties for failing to report or making a false report.

You don’t have to prove the child is being abused. It is not your job to take matters into your own hands or to investigate. Instead, immediately and urgently report it to the Florida Abuse Hotline. If you suspect or know a child is in immediate danger, call 911.

To make a report you can:

This section will provide detailed information on caring for a child who may have been, or has been, sexually abused. You’ll also find advice on caring for yourself. You can lead the way to hope and healing, but it will be easier if you are feeling as well as possible.

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