When it is determined by CPS or law enforcement that your child has been sexually abused by a person he or she lives with, then the next step is for a professional to determine the risk of further abuse by allowing the child to stay in that home. For example, it may be determined that your child is not safe when visiting your ex-spouse, because the abuser also visits that residence.

There are three types of potential risk after a child lets someone know about the abuse: additional sexual abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse. In most instances, your child is at greater risk for emotional abuse than additional sexual abuse immediately after disclosure.


There are a variety of types of emotional abuse your child may suffer. Some examples are listed below:

If professionals determine that your child is at risk for future sexual, physical or emotional abuse, then a plan will be made to protect your child. CPS can either remove the person suspected of abusing your child or your child. There is professional agreement that removal of the suspect is preferable.

Removing the offender has the advantage of providing a clear message to the victim, the offender and the family that the offender is the person who has done something wrong, not the victim, and that the offense is serious. It will also protect any other children in the home from being victims of abuse at the hands of the offender.

Nobody’s gonna love your kid like you do. That’s the bottom line. And nobody’s gonna live with the consequences of it, like you see it every day.”

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