Parent’s Perspective: Day 13

We are now on Day 13 of the Walk and when I am not able to hit the pavement as I’ve already told you, I go back to my regular job in Tallahassee and I simply must watch the Livestream ( or look at the daily photos ( or call and get an up to date as to how Lauren, the Walk Team and that day’s walkers are doing.  It’s hard as a parent so deeply engaged in Lauren’s mission to not want to stop what I’m doing and join the Walk Team at that very moment.  As a parent, my understanding of “Walk In My Shoes” is different than what many may think.  While many think that a tragedy related to childhood sexual abuse ends at a point in time following a conviction and incarceration of the predator, in fact, it does not.  Trauma and the impacts of childhood sexual abuse lasts forever for the victim and survivor, and also on all members of the family.  If you desire to help protect others from suffering as we have, and more particularly as Lauren has, it is to me and us all about “Walk In My Shoes.”  I will join Lauren again tomorrow as we continue to walk our way through Florida raising awareness, educating individuals and making clear that it “will always be OK to tell”.  Come join us at any point during our Walk and please remember to be safe.