Parent Perspective: 2012 Walk Day 6

The last two days, I have not posted a blog because as opposed to being out pounding the pavement with Lauren, I have been in the Tallahassee office doing my legislative thing.  A part of that legislative thing includes working on the passage of Lauren’s legislative agenda and encouraging the passage of SB 1816 and HB 1355.  Our legislation deals with closing the loophole on Florida’s mandatory reporting requirement and significantly increasing penalties for non-reporting and including human and sex trafficking penalties in crime enhancements as well as victim relocation expense for victims of sexual assault in Florida.

All the while that I have been in Tallahassee, I have been monitoring as a parent Lauren’s progress by watching the livestream of the Walk and helping to run interference.  Frustrating as it’s been not to be with her, I’ve been doing my part just from afar.  I will be back in South Florida tomorrow ready to begin again pounding the pavement.  Lauren’s day today with our partners from the Miami Heat was extraordinarily special.  Pat Riley, Coach Spoelstra, Coach Rothstein, Tony Fiorentino, President of the Miami Heat Eric Woolworth, CFO Andy Elisberg, Steve Stowe, Alonzo and Tracy Mourning and others really made a difference.  What a day.  Lauren, keep up the good work.