Monroe County Featured Survivor: Daliana

Meet Daliana


Daliana joined the Walk in My Shoes tour on our very first steps from the Southernmost Point, bringing along co-workers, friends, and family on the first few miles of our 1,500-mile walk. Daliana is a Professional School Counselor and educator in Key West, Florida, and is Monroe County Schools’ District Lead Counselor. She teaches Safer Smarter Kids and other Child Abuse Prevention programs to over 600 students yearly. Not only is Daliana an advocate for Lauren’s Kids, but she is also a thriving survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse. Born and raised in South Florida and happily married to her husband of almost 17 years, Daliana has 2 beautiful children. When she is not cheering for her kids (biological or by proxy) at local ball fields, she is involved in music, a source of strength, comfort, encouragement and joy for her, and sings weekly on the praise & worship team at her church.



Filled with courage and responsibility, my name is Daliana Goins, and I’m joining Lauren’s Kids for “A Walk in my Shoes”.
Because – Childhood Sexual Abuse DOES exist, and 95% of it could be prevented through awareness and education.
Because – As a School Counselor, I teach Child Abuse Prevention programs to over 600 students every school year.
Because – As a victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse, I also walk in the same shoes.
Because – It is OK to tell and OK to talk about it. I am not the only who has gone through this.
Because – It was never my fault, and it’s never OK to keep a secret that makes you feel hurt or unsafe.
Because – I think that One person CAN make a difference, even if it’s a difference to just one.
Because – I feel supported and loved – I am not alone.
Because – I act by continuing to move forward. I don’t live in the past any more. My life has a purpose, a plan to prosper and not harm me, to give me hope and a future.
Because – I am a thriving survivor.
That is why I walk!