Miami-Dade County Featured Walker: Castanda

Our Featured Survivor Castanda, Miami Dolphins Coach Joe Philbin, Diane Philbin, and Lauren Book

Meet Castanda

Castanda joined us today with the team from Kristi House for “The Miami Dolphins Go the Extra Mile” event. Together with the participants that came out to walk, we were able to put together tons of Rape Care Kits for Kristi House  – bags filled with blankets, teddy bears, and other products to help the children that come through feel comfortable and safe. Read more about Castanda in her own words!



 At the age of 17 years old I spoke out about my abuse from both parents. I went to therapy at Kristi house where I overcame my sexual, physical, and emotional abuse from my parents. Today, I still remember all the things that my parents did, but because of God and therapy, those things no longer affect me like they used to. Now I’m in school studying to become a psychologist, and I hope to one day open my own practice and help others like I have been helped.


The walk has empowered me to want to walk as many miles to as many counties as I can to let people know and understand that child sexual abuse or any type of abuse shouldn’t be swept under the rug any more. It has made me realize that I must stand for other people that can’t stand in my shoes right now. I must speak and be heard for the boys and girls that are afraid and feel alone. I must be a voice for others because I sat mute way too long and endured 11 years of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse from the hands of my parents and now it’s time for me to walk. That’s why I will walk.