Lauren’s Kingdom Free Interactive Book App Launches at Miami International Book

Check out Lauren's Kingdom at the Miami Book Fair.





Ours just did! And you can download the NEW, FREE Lauren’s Kingdom interactive book app right now!

Join us and watch the pages of Lauren’s Kingdom come alive as we launch our NEW, FREE interactive book app at the Miami Book Fair International Sunday, November 22 at 11:00 am.  300 NE Second Avenue, Miami, FL 33132.

Kids can read along with best-selling author Lauren Book and learn about personal safety from a place of fun – not fear.  We’ll have games and activities galore and would love to see you there.







No problem! You can still download the Lauren’s Kingdom app and help protect a child today.

With fantastic features and awesome graphics, Lauren’s Kingdom has read aloud capabilities, puzzles and games, with lots of surprises that kids love.

For parents and teachers, Lauren’s Kingdom offers a Safer, Smarter Kids learning extension video to further personal safety lessons; an interactive read-along mode featuring guided reading questions; and a Safer, Smarter Kids “Trusted Triangle” personal safety activity.