Lauren’s Kids Trauma Informed Care Resource Helps Those Who Need it Most

Foster Family

Did you know May is National Foster Care Month? Mom blogger Mom of All Capes recently took time to discuss Lauren’s Kids 2013 collaboration with The Florida Department of Children and Families, Florida Council Against Sexual Violence, and a trauma informed care expert to develop their Trauma Informed Care Training Kit.

The kit is designed support families and organizations that care for abused children, especially those seeking support within the foster care system.

The training teaches caregivers how to approach the actions of a child through a trauma informed lens, providing practical ways to correct regressive and even violent or over-sexualized behaviors of a child who has been abused.

From the article: “This experience, as unfortunate as it is, means that the caring adults in that child’s life must be properly informed and capable of addressing their needs. Often the child has been affected by sexual abuse prior to entering foster care, making it particularly difficult for foster parents to recognize the signs and relate to the child properly. Without realizing it, they could inadvertently trigger a negative response from him or her that is actually a reflection of long-ago mistreatment.”

The entire post can be found here.