Lauren’s Kids on CBS 12 West Palm Beach

Lauren's Kids on CBS 12 West Palm Beach

Lauren’s Kids “Walk in My Shoes” journey yesterday appeared on CBS 12 in West Palm Beach on the six o’clock news. The segment featured the “Walk in My Shoes” passing through the area and founder and CEO, Lauren Book, discussing internet safety as it pertains to children and predators:

“Lauren Book is Walking 1,500 miles across Florida for a cause close to her heart,” said reporter Lauren Hills. “Raising awareness of child sexual abuse.”

“We heal, we thrive, and we survive.” Book said.

“She also knows that these days, the internet is one of the most dangerous places for kids.” Added Hills.

“[The internet] creates a tremendous amount of access [to children]… It creates groups where offenders can talk to other offenders…[about how to] gain’s children’s trust online.” Remarked Book.

The segment cited statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice:

  • 1 in 7 children receive unwanted sexual solicitations online
  • 76% of children report that solicitation comes from a chat room

Watch the full video below: