Lauren’s Kids Launches Disaster Action Plan

South Florida-based childhood sexual abuse prevention nonprofit Lauren’s Kids is cancelling the first week of its 8th Annual Walk in My Shoes event to prepare for the potential impact of Hurricane Irma. The team, led by Founder and CEO Senator Lauren Book, are working day and night to repurpose 1,800 rape care kits with water, diapers, feminine hygiene items toiletries, oral care items and snacks – turning them into disaster relief kits to assist Floridians impacted by the storm.

“As we face a Category 5 storm, we want to make sure that everyone in our community is safe and prepared for what could be a very catastrophic event,” says Broward Sheriff Scott Israel. “In times like these, we all come together to help our neighbors – and this is a perfect example of a group of individuals doing just that. Remember: stay safe, get prepared, and do not wait.”

“Right now, we need to keep our communities safe and do all we can to support preparedness for the storm,” says Book. “My team and I are proud to be able to reallocate supplies including water, diapers, feminine hygiene products, and other vital survival and health items to those in need over the next few days. Right now, it’s all about coming together and supporting our most vulnerable.”

The organization also encourages Floridians to remain alert and vigilant. Keeping safe and out of harm’s way is the top priority, while obeying any mandatory evacuation orders. When away from home—either at a shelter, house of worship or with friends and family at a residence—stick close together and keep an open line of communication to ensure personal safety, as instances of sexual assault are less likely to be able to be reported or responded to during times of natural disaster.

Donations to child advocacy centers and sexual assault treatment centers will still be made when the statewide 1,500-mile Walk in My Shoes journey resumes.

From 12 pm to 2pm today, our team will deploy to deliver care kits to elderly individuals and mothers with infants throughout Broward County.