Lauren’s Kids brings SSK to P.S. 55 in the Bronx

This week, Lauren will be teaching lessons from our sexual abuse prevention and personal safety curriculum, Safer, Smarter Kids, to Pre-K and Kindergarten students at P.S. 55 in the Bronx this week thanks to a grant from the Yankees Foundation! Check out some updates from the classroom below…


Helping P.S. 55 students make trusted triangles of 3 grown-up buddies that they can go to with anything: a bad grade, fight with a friend or a touch that makes them feel not quite right. When we’ve got a problem, it’s important that we keep telling grown-up buddies in our trusted triangle until we are 1. heard & 2. helped.

Today’s lesson: safe vs. unsafe secrets. A safe secret will eventually be told and make everyone happy – like a surprise party for a friend – an unsafe secret makes you feel sad, scared or nervous. If someone asks you to keep a secret and never tell, it’s an unsafe and must be told to a grown-up buddy immediately!