Lauren Book: Mute R. Kelly in Florida

Mute R. Kelly

Florida Senator Lauren Book, Child Sexual Abuse Survivor and Founder of Lauren’s Kids: Mute R. Kelly in Florida

Musician R. Kelly Charged with 10 Counts of Aggravated Sexual Abuse

For more than two decades, R. Kelly has sexually abused and enslaved young and underage women – even preying upon women in South Florida. R. Kelly cannot run from his misdeeds any longer, he must finally face his day in court and be seen for what he is: a serial predator.

Kelly has used his fame and fortune as a shield against accountability. That stops today. In light of serious charges finally being filed, I am calling on the entire state of Florida to #MuteRKelly and silence his voice as Kelly has silenced the voices and suppressed the lives of hundreds of victims throughout the past 20 years. Radio stations, professional sporting teams, nightclubs, and other entities with a musical platform: do not allow R. Kelly to continue to profit off his predation. Stop playing his music IMMEDIATELY.

To the survivors who have raised their voices to tell their painful stories, I thank you. Without you, today would not be possible.