Keep Comfortable While You Walk for the Cause

As the 2015 Walk in My Shoes event draws near, Lauren Book and the rest of the staff at Lauren’s Kids want to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable while they pledge their support for survivors of child sexual abuse as well as speak up for improved community education and awareness which can help keep kids safe. This year’s walk will be the sixth time advocates for child abuse prevention march from Miami to Tallahassee to speak out for those who are scared or don’t know how to speak up for themselves. The walk is a long and sometimes exhausting process so it’s important to put yourself in a position to succeed with your goal. Staying hydrated, wearing comfortable shoes and socks and making sure you apply lots of sunscreen are three of the most important things someone can do when they’re walking miles in the Florida sunshine. You can sign up for the event at the Walk in My Shoes page of the Lauren’s Kids website so register today!

Besides staying well hydrated, there are several things you can do to ensure that your walk is a success! One thing many people overlook is the importance of what you have on your feet during the walk. Since it’s a multi-mile trek across the state, making sure your shoes are comfortable and supportive is key. You don’t want to show up in flip-flops or any kind of shoe that could leave you with blisters. A pair of sneakers or running shoes are ideal as they are made to be comfortable over a long period of exercise. Sock are another key component to keeping your feet happy and healthy during the walk. A thick, cushioning pair of socks can help prevent irritation and rubbing so you can keeping moving forward. Socks made from a microfiber material can also be helpful in wicking away moisture from sweat so your feet stay cool and dry.

Many individuals and organizations have teamed up with Lauren Kid’s in the past, including L’Oreal, an international cosmetics brand who named Lauren Book as their Woman of Worth in 2013. L’Oreal helped Lauren realize the importance of sunscreen and other skin protection tips during events like the Walk in My Shoes. There’s nothing better than a bright, sunny day in Florida, but taking precautions to prevent sunburns and over-exposure can help make someone’s walk that much brighter. Sun exposure can lead to skin cancer and signs of premature aging so wearing lots of sunscreen and a hat are a must for anyone participating in the walk.

It’s still possible to register for the 2015 Walk in My Shoes so sign up today and make a difference in the fight against child sexual abuse. To learn more about how Lauren’s Kids educates kids, parents, teachers and administrators on preventing abuse, check out the child sexual abuse education page on the Lauren’s Kids website.