Lauren’s Kids provides many different resources to parents, schools and organizations throughout the country to facilitate conversations that help children be protected from sexual abuse.

Trauma Informed Care Techniques Training

The Lauren’s Kids Trauma Informed Care training was created in collaboration with the Florida Department of Children and Families, Florida Council Against Sexual Violence and a trauma informed care expert to support families and organizations that care for abused children, especially those seeking support within the foster care system.

The training teaches caregivers how to approach the actions of a child through a trauma informed lens, providing practical ways to correct regressive and even violent or over-sexualized behaviors of a child who has been abused.

The curriculum was designed to be presented as a facilitator-led learning format, but the materials can be used by any person or organization looking to better understand how to relate to and help a child in the aftermath of their abuse.


Safer, Smarter Schools Training

Lauren’s Kids offers in-person and online curriculum training opportunities.

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