Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Teaching Children to be Safer and Smarter

Lauren Book, Founder and CEO of the Lauren’s Kids foundation, recently discussed steps parents can take and simple discussions they can have with their children to work toward preventing child abuse for the Family Focus Blog:

“Every child deserves a safe, happy and healthy childhood. This includes the carefree innocence that comes with feeling secure, protected and loved. Although this is our hope for each and every child, the reality is that there are millions of children who do not experience the childhood they deserve. In fact, I was one such child stripped of my childhood at the hands of someone my family and I trusted, my female nanny. I wish I could say my experience is rare, but the truth is my story is similar to the stories of so many other children.

…Child sexual abuse can happen anywhere, in any neighborhood, religion or church group, racial or ethnic group, among the rich, the poor and everywhere in between. Knowing this, child safety and abuse prevention education is needed in each and every community to give children, parents and teachers the resources and knowledge base to protect children.”

The full article can be found here.