Action News Jax Discusses Lauren’s Kids Study on Economic & Fiscal Impacts of Child Sexual Abuse

Action News Jax yesterday discussed the findings of the Lauren’s Kids foundation’s recent study on the economic & fiscal impacts of child sexual abuse in Florida. The segment was titled, “Non-profit works to educate public on child sex abuse victims.”

Anchor John Bachman opened, “A recent study states that 1 in 3 girls will be or have been sexually abused as children.”

“And those are alarming numbers from a local non-profit focused on tackling the issue in Florida.” Responded co-anchor Tenikka Hughes.

The report then discussed a Lauren’s Kids partner and resource for abused women and children, The Women’s Center, which provides services and treatment for Jacksonville area survivors of sexual abuse.

“Unfortunately children are an incredibly vulnerable population,” said Morgan Muller of The Women’s Center. “And for that reason they’re targeted at a higher rate by child sexual abuse predators.”

The full clip can be viewed on the Action News Jax website.

Lauren’s Kids study on economic and fiscal impacts of child sexual abuse can be viewed here.