2012 Walk: Day 3

Hey Guys!!

How is everyone today?! So I wanted to fill you in on the walk so far! Our first two days have been a blur! 40 miles plus logged is no small feet :)! We had the pleasure to meet so many wonderful people along the way! But I must say it has been FREEEZZING!! Today was a wonderful day! We have been keeping up an amazing pace and we are on our way to the Main Land! I am suffering from some leg pain and cramps. My knees are feeling it too!! Tomorrow is a BIG day! We will be walking to Mujer in Homestead! We are expecting 200+ walkers and there will be an amazing event! A round table discussion with teen survivors, and a self defense class!! We are also going to be going to our first ELEMENTARY SCHOOL to introduce the Safer Smarter Kids Curriculum!! YAAAYY!! We will be taking flip video, I cant wait to share it!!

Love you all!!