2012 Walk: Day 12

Hey guys!

Walk day 12 was absolutely amazing thanks to the women of Project Help, Collier County’s certified rape crisis center. These ladies walked the ENTIRE day with the team and me! As we walked, they shared the struggles they face operating Project Help on a small budget and many of the businesses operations expenses that they pay out of pocket just to keep things going.

During our time together, I was deeply touched, proud and encouraged by the dedication the Project Help staff has to the survivors they work with. Each April, in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Project Help survivors and staff go skydiving to remind each other that the sky is the limit. I’m excited to announce that this April, I will be joining them! Once you’ve jumped out of an airplane, what can you not do!? I really cannot put into words how much I appreciated spending the day with Project Help. Even though I have a cold, I continue to be encouraged by the people I meet out here on the road, and it is exciting to see what tomorrow will bring!

– Lauren