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To prevent sexual abuse through awareness, education, and to help survivors heal with guidance and support

Our Mission: To prevent sexual abuse through awareness and education, and to help survivors heal with guidance and support.

Safer, Smarter Kids

Safer, Smarter Kids is an abuse prevention curriculum for kindergarteners created by Lauren’s Kids in consultation with child psychologist Tara Zuckerman, PhysD. After years of implementation in the Miami-Dade school system, the 2011 Florida Legislature directed Lauren’s Kids to develop and expand the curriculum to be sent to every public kindergarten classroom and guidance office in Florida. The curriculum, which continued to be shaped with input from an array of experts in psychology, social work, child development and Trauma Informed Care from the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence (FCASV), and a variety of clinicians, career educators and experts on autism, developmental delays and early childhood, has shown to increase children’s knowledge of personal safety information by 77 percent.

The curriculum is divided into six, 30-minute micro-lessons and designed to fit easily into any classroom schedule. Each lesson includes a video component, in-classroom exercises and take-home materials to involve parents in this important education. The curriculum satisfies more than 22 Sunshine State Standards and numerous ESOL standards.

The topics covered include:

  • Safety Awareness
  • Respect for yourself and others
  • Self-esteem development
  • Body boundaries
  • Listening to your Guiding Voice
  • Accessing Help
  • It’s OK to Tell (secrets)

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Need Services? Call the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence: 1-888-956-7273

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