2012 Walk: Day 5

Today I taught our new Safer, Smarter Kids kindergarten curriculum to students at three different South Florida schools: OJUS Elementary School, Henry S. West Laboratory School and Kendall Elementary School. All of the students asked profound questions, learned about safety rules, used their safety stop signs and met Lilly, the Walk therapy dog!

One of the best questions I received today was “how many seconds will it take you to walk to Tallahassee?” Well, we figured it out and it will take around 3.3 million seconds. My feet hurt just thinking about it, but I can’t wait to meet even more survivors as I walk for the next 3.3 million seconds…

In addition to the excitement of teaching these children prevention education, I had a ‘full circle’ moment because I got the opportunity to teach children at Henry S. West Laboratory School — the school that I previously taught at prior to creating Lauren’s Kids.

Today was exciting and will only continue to be as we walk to the University of Miami tonight for a Take Back the Night event with UM students.

See you on the road!