2012 Walk: Day 22 and 23

This weekend marked the fourth Saturday of the “Walk In My Shoes” walk and Lauren is now three full weeks into her 1,500 mile journey.  I got another chance to walk (in Orlando) this weekend and Lauren and I walked through Disney’s Wide World of Sports and ESPN and Disney’s Cross Country Course.  We met many people there from around the United States.  We encountered one gentleman from Denver who was there at ESPN for the National Cheerleading Competition and he happens to be a Mid-West developer who on the spot made a substantial donation toward our efforts.  It turns out that he and one of his brothers were molested by a coach from their youth league basketball team.  We find more and more stories like this as we engage with the public.  It was a very emotional exchange with this gentleman and he is eager to help in any way as he has not had such an opportunity before now.  Lauren pounded the pavement together with her brother and sister this weekend.  We also had many children participating which was also significant.







After walking, Lauren and I participated in the National AAU Workshop to work with them on new protocols and procedures to protect children.  I am now over 100 miles and Lauren is certainly well over 650 miles as she walks in Tampa today.

– Ron Book