Statement from Senator Lauren Book Re: Volusia child rapist free on bond

Statement from Senator Lauren Book, Founder/CEO, Lauren’s Kids Foundation, Re: Volusia child rapist free on bond –

A convicted child rapist is walking the streets of Ormond Beach because a judge failed to grasp the seriousness of his crime. The facts of this case are clear: the mother of a second grader found evidence of abuse in her daughter’s diary. The brave victim stood trial and her perpetrator was found guilty. This convicted predator should remain behind bars through the entirety of his appeal process – as any other convicted rapist or murderer should – unable to harm another innocent child. I join Sheriff Mike Chitwood in his anger and disgust and send a message to the brave victim: stand strong, your voice matters, and we continue to believe you and stand behind you. And to the pedophile now walking free: the Volusia County Sherriff is watching – and so are we.

Senator Lauren Book is a child advocate and the Founder and CEO of Lauren’s Kids, an South Florida-based nonprofit that works to prevent child sexual abuse and help survivors heal. Book herself is a survivor of abuse, from age 11-16 at the hands of a trusted family caretaker. Learn more at