Saint Petersblog Reacts to Lauren’s Kids Economic & Fiscal Impact of Child Sexual Abuse Study

Peter Schorsch of Saint Petersblog yesterday was vocal about his level of surprise at the findings detailed in the Lauren’s Kids foundation’s recent study on the economic and fiscal impacts of child sexual abuse in Florida.

“A billion dollars! Really?” Schorsch opened his blog post titled “Child sexual abuse costs Florida an estimated $1 billion a year.”

He continued, “The point is, they stuck to direct and immediate costs and still they arrived at the cost for child sexual abuse in Florida coming to ONE BILLION DOLLARS a year. That’s a chunk of change.”

Schorsch ended by saying, “Kudos to Team Lauren! They continue to impress even those of us in the media who, every now and then, can be skeptical.”

The Lauren’s Kids foundation would like to thank Mr. Schorsch for his kind words. The full study can be found here.