Parent Perspective: 2012 Walk Day 3

Well, I am back in Miami today, while Lauren continues to hit the pavement.  I am doing some serious blister therapy, as I get ready to head back to Tallahassee.  I don’t physically rejoin the Walk team until their day off on Friday, and then we will have a monster walk day on Saturday, which commences in Aventura and goes up to Deerfield Beach.  By then I know my blisters will be OK.  This past weekend was two days of reflection, as I thought about all the people who have helped us, and who continue to support our efforts, to prevent childhood sexual abuse.  I could have never imagined that I would be doing this at this point in my life, or that I would still be doing it once I started it ten plus years ago.

To all of you, think about what we do, read about what we do, and think about how you can help make our children safer.  Keep watching our website,  and take the things we talk about and keep spreading the word.

Thank you for caring,