Miami Herald Examines Lauren’s Kids Study Detailing Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Child Sexual Abuse in Florida

The Miami Herald recently examined the Lauren’s Kids foundation’s report detailing the drastic economic and fiscal impacts of child sexual abuse on Florida’s youth. The study was delivered to Florida legislators Wednesday.

“When you look at the true cost to our state, it’s huge,” said Lauren Book, founder and CEO of Lauren’s Kids. “The numbers are staggering.”

Among the findings:

▪  One in three girls and one and five boys will become a victim of child abuse in Florida before they turn 18.

▪ On average, each victim of child sexual abuse loses $250,000 in earnings throughout his or her lifetime because of the abuse.

▪ Fifty percent of victims have below-average grades.

▪ Child sexual abuse ends up costing Florida about $1 billion a year.

Read the entire report here.