Lauren’s Kids 2017 Legislative Priorities

Advocacy in Action

The 2017 Legislative Session kicked off at the beginning of this month, and Lauren’s Kids is advocating for the passage of bills that will help keep children and families safe, keep predators at bay, and support survivors.

We’ll keep you updated on the following bills as they make their way through the process:

  • SB 416/HB 151 – Use of Animals in Proceedings Involving Minors
    Expands admissibility of service animals, therapy animals, or facility dogs in proceedings involving abuse, abandonment, or neglect; allows these animals to be used when taking testimony of a person with an intellectual disability
  • SB 286/HB 665 – Human Trafficking Education in Schools
    Requires health education in public schools to include information regarding the dangers and signs of human trafficking
  • SB 754 – Trauma-Informed Services for Children
    Prohibiting a child who has suffered sexual exploitation from being placed in a generic shelter setting when safe-harbor or trauma-informed housing is not available
  • SB 1182 – Rape Crisis Centers
    Revising the definition of “rape crisis center” and “trained volunteer” to ensure victims of sexual assault receive proper, certified care from qualified professionals
  • SB 1208 – Sexual Crimes
    Redefining the term “sexual battery” to include the intentional touching in a lewd or lascivious manner, authorizing the Department of Legal Affairs to award relocation assistance to victims of specified sexual offenses
  • SB 492/HB 397 – Public Records/Victim of Alleged Sexual Harassment/Identifying Information
    Provides exemption from public records requirements for information related to allegation of sexual harassment that could lead to identification of victim
  • SB 336/HB 327 – Household Movers
    Requiring the Dept. of Agriculture and Consume Services to deny or refuse to renew the registration of a mover under certain circumstances; prohibiting a mover from knowingly refusing or failing to disclose in writing specified criminal information under certain circumstances… i.e. sex offenses
  • SB 684 & 686/HB 699 – Internet Identifiers / Public Records
    Requiring sexual predators to register each Internet identifier’s corresponding website homepage or application software name with FDLE through the Sheriff’s office, and to report any change to this information in a timely, specified manner; requiring email addresses and Internet identifiers be exempt from public record requirements, except in cases of public necessity

Want to show your support for these pieces of legislation, as well as Lauren’s Kids’ ‘Safer, Smarter Schools’ program? Contact your Senator and House Member today, and let them know you care about these issues, related to the prevention of sexual abuse and providing support for survivors!

(Need some help getting started? Find your legislators here: – then write an email, or call their Capitol office line. You don’t have to be an expert to get involved, just a passionate citizen!)