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To prevent sexual abuse through awareness, education, and to help survivors heal with guidance and support

Our Mission: To prevent sexual abuse through awareness and education, and to help survivors heal with guidance and support.

Memoir: It’s Ok to Tell

Lauren’s story is about hope in the face of extreme adversity. Although it deals with a tremendously sensitive and “dark” subject, It’s OK to Tell carries a lasting positive impact. Lauren’s story empowers us all to address abuse issues in our own lives. Her memoir moves us to understand the deep emotional matrix that results from abuse and the incredible ability of an individual to recover and embrace life.

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From the foreword by Lisa Ling…

“Lauren endured years of physical, sexual, and psychological torture as a child but somehow found the courage to confront her abuser. With the help of her father who stands firmly by his daughter’s side, Lauren has become a relentless crusader for kids and women everywhere who have been violated. It’s hard enough to hear about the dark place that little Lauren Book inhabited for so many years. I imagine that many people would want to lock the horrifying memories away and move on in silent anonymity. But Lauren bravely shares her testimony in a very public way so that people will know that the sexual exploitation of a child knows no economic boundaries.

Reading the pages of Lauren’s book, your heart will break. You will find yourself utterly shocked and enraged. But you will be inspired by the powerful and courageous voice that has emerged from this young woman who was robbed of her childhood by a sexually violent predator: one of hundreds of thousands out there, many of whom work inside people’s homes or places where children congregate.

The world is lucky to have Lauren and her father out there advocating, because neither of them will stop until families are made aware of the dangers that lurk in unexpected places.”


“This is a magnificent book-raw sometimes, honest always. Painful. Powerful. Poignant. It deserves to be read-and heeded”

-David Lawrence Jr.
Retired publisher of The Miami Herald and president of The Children’s Movement of Florida

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